Jewelry Boxes, Velvet, Satin Cord

Part of a series of works examining the place of women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and featuring materials with symbolic significance to Mormon culture such as keys, men’s dress shoes, white textiles for upholstery and jewelry, engaging issues of religious hierarchy, obedience, gender roles and doctrine. In each object there is an unexpected moment of material tension, brightly colored velvet – reminiscent of the boudoir– earthy moss, massive salt shards, raccoon fur from a woman’s muff. Deliberately small the works invite viewers to approach and examine them up close. When considering something – a practice, a principle, a cultural or religious norm – from the outside, close inspection reveals critical details. Ultimately these works are less a critique of Mormonism in particular than they are an examination of the side effects of orthodoxy in all its guises.