If my memory was a commodity, I’d be rich as Roosevelt, they’re selling it down to the last crumb. (BKLYN III)

EMT pipes, painted mirrored upholstery vinyl, grommets, bolts, projected slide from Kodak 760H Carousel Projector, found brick, asphalt & concrete shards from demolished buildings.
79 x 49 x 13 in.

Intended as a cumulative installation, this is one of a set of three vinyl billboard-shaped silhouettes. Hand-cut, painted and fitted with grommets for hanging. The industrial metal pipes along with with the found brick and concrete shards, contrast with the intimacy of the projected slides (taken from family photographs), and the upholstery vinyl, merging public and private space as a way of critiquing ruthless real estate and development policies and their effect on city families.